How to Attract Money

How to Attract Money using the Law of Attraction.   This is a Special 1 Hour Live Teleseminar I held on how to attract money.  Since earning over $100,000 last year, I’ve really had a desire to share what I’ve learned about money and how to attract it. Some really good nuggets in this training…

How to Regain Focus

Focus. Intention. Action. Results. In this video I’ll share 3 questions you can ask yourself to regain your focus. I also give you some good examples of how others have used the power of focus to intentionally manifest new results.

3 Secrets to Creating a New Reality

Creating reality secrets. In this video I share 3 key insider secrets I’ve learned over the last couple of years about shifting reality. These secrets will help you shift reality and your life. More on reality creation… see the 7 Day Manifestation Experiment.

How Your Brain Creates Your Reality

In this article I’ll share how your brain creates your reality. One of the success secrets to super-manifestation is to feel what you want as if it is already done.   It’s openly been shared online and in conversations everywhere since the unleashing of The Secret; that if you want results quickly, feel as if…

The Biggest Mistake You Make When Manifesting

What is the biggest mistake you make when manifesting? To grasp the answer to this question start thinking about something you really want. Something you would do anything to have. It may be something you have been wanting for a very long time. But it still hasn’t shown up?  Why? You have been wanting this…