“I am speechless. I’ve been doing therapy for so long, I didn’t think this was ever going to shift. But when we did the energy clearing work, I saw my past experiences completely differently, and I felt this level of freedom I didn’t know I was going to feel.”

~ Lauren Tucker

Transformation Stories: Lauren Tucker



“I had a family member die suddenly that brought up a lot of fear and anxiety. After our session, I had this huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and extremely grateful for the work we did.”

~ Carrie Ann Franklin

Transformation Stories: Carrie Ann Franklin



“My whole goal was to get out from under that very, very dark negative cloud that I have been under for 10 years. I’m very excited. I feel that I have a completely different outlook now, and there is no dark cloud over me anymore. I feel completely on the other side of where I was before. I’m free. I’m totally free.”

~ Inga

Transformation Stories: Inga


“I was in a huge rut. Felt blocked and stuck. Within a couple of days of discovering my biggest blind spots on the session with Steve, I had crystal clear clarity on what my next step looked like, and what I needed to do, and since then – new things have started to come in.”

~ Jarrod

Transformation Stories: Jarrod