Secret to Prosperity

I joined Motivational Whisperers Radio as a radio guest speaker tonight and thought you might appreciate listening to the recording. The show runs about 60 minutes with host – Marketing Expert Dawn Abraham and co-host Law of Attraction expert Michele Laub. [audio:] Download MP3 [14.5 MB] Right click “save-as”

7-Day Money Manifestation Experiement

This the second 7-day manifestation experiement I’ve run on this blog.  I decided to run another manifestation experiment… and so far… the results are awesome! Details in my video below. [svp][/svp] Click here to get more Training.

Attract Money 99% of the Time

There are only two things you need if you want to attract money 99% of the time… I share them in this video. If I seem excited in this video it’s because I am… and I know what I’m sharing has worked for me and others… 1-on-1 Coaching Session is no longer available. However, here…

5 Shocking Scientific Discoveries of The Human Heart

Shocking discoveries about the Human Heart. I watched a really cool documentary that shares some inspiring and mind blowing discoveries about the human heart. Check it out.

How to Feel Good

Tips on how to feel good… especially when the “rules” you have get in the way of that feeling. This is probably the most important skill you’ll learn so you can manifest and more importantly, just feel good :) Check out the video:

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