The Biggest Mistake You Make When Manifesting

What is the biggest mistake you make when manifesting?

To grasp the answer to this question start thinking about something you really want. Something you would do anything to have. It may be something you have been wanting for a very long time.

But it still hasn’t shown up?  Why?

You have been wanting this thing so badly that you would do almost anything to have it. It’s something you’ve been craving and longing for that it makes you wonder… “Why is this thing that I want SO badly not showing up?  Why is it taking so long to come into my experience?  And why is it so hard for me to attract the things I want? Is there something wrong with me?”

It’s important to know what you want.  Absolutely.  Just realize that after you get clear on what you want, there is a point where you pivot to a new feeling, a new sensation of already having it.

It’s the difference between the feeling of wanting and having.   Right now in this very moment you may desperately be wanting something… the boss at work to stop harassing you, a new job or even a raise… and because you want these things so desperately you are reinforcing the feeling of not having what you want.  By wanting something so badly you are actually pushing it away.

So instead of being in a place of wanting.. get into a feeling of having and expectation…. that it is already on it’s way to you. Making that small pivot to a better feeling-thought… a feeling of expectation you will start to manifest and attract the very things you want.

What is the biggest mistake you make when manifesting?  How do you find your way around it?


  • Micky

    Reply Reply October 6, 2010

    Hi Steve,

    I just wanted to let you know that I love your website! I can honestly say that, unlike some of the newsletters I subscribe to, I can’t wait to read yours. And then I get to your website and find article after article that I want to read. I’m fascinated by the law of attraction and the idea of manifestation. Your website and insights are priceless. Keep up the great work!


  • debbie

    Reply Reply October 7, 2010

    hi steve I love reading your newsletters their very helpful but I just can’t seem to make “my Life” appear I’ve done everything that you talk about for about a year and nothing has happened yet. What am I missing?

  • Steve

    Reply Reply October 7, 2010

    Hey Micky – glad you’re enjoying the articles and I appreciate knowing it has brought value into your life… sometimes the only way I know is when you comment :)

    Hi Debbie – it’s quite a challenge for me to help you sitting here at my keyboard. And I realize there is only so much I can do with one-on-one coaching… so your next best option is to get support on the Super Achiever Calls.

    I would love to work with you,

  • Steven

    Reply Reply October 10, 2010

    I like this. Very “law of abundance”-like. Once we act like we have the things we want, we attract the energy and people who often provide those things. It’s one of those “fake it ’till you feel it” strategies.

  • krishnanz

    Reply Reply October 13, 2010

    I loved reading your Notes.

  • krishnanz

    Reply Reply October 13, 2010

    Can you please get me a template similar to this blog for my blog
    It ‘ll be a great help. its a Very nice template

  • Steve

    Reply Reply October 13, 2010

    Hi Krishnanz,

    I’ve modified my theme a bit from the original design. I use the Blue Zinfandel Enhanced 2.0 theme by Brian Gardner.

  • Michael Holding

    Reply Reply August 22, 2011

    Hello Steve,

    Really loved your article . I just need a clarification from you as I was unable to capture the meaning properly . You state
    “So instead of being in a place of wanting.. get into a feeling of having and expectation”.

    How can that happen ? I want to do my graduation in Engineering but I know I don’t have the funds. Therefore, how can I feel that I have achieved what I want ?

    Thanks so much for your help.

    – Mike , Jamaica

  • Steve

    Reply Reply August 23, 2011

    Hey Mike – just play with the idea that you already have your engineering degree… this done over and over again with repetition on a daily basis is the key to deliberately creating your success and your reality… just because you don’t know “how” you can achieve your goal doesn’t mean you can’t do it…

  • Michael Holding

    Reply Reply August 26, 2011


    You made my day.

    Thanks a ton.


  • Elizabeth

    Reply Reply February 27, 2012

    Something weird happened to me yesterday. At some point earlier in the day, I had a random thought while working on an art project. I was recalling how this is usually the time of year when a nearby store begins stocking daffodil stems; you buy them for less than $2 a bunch, put them in water, and you have pretty yellow daffodils several weeks before the ones in the yard start popping up.

    I recalled how someone in my life used to buy these for me from that store. This someone has been very troubled in addictions for two years and that is how long it has been since I’ve received these daffodil stems. Anyway, had the thought; not a wistful one, not a “wish so-and-so would buy me some”. Just a thought, remembering those daffodils, and remembering the gestures I used to receive. Then I moved on with my project and thought *nothing* more about it.

    Hours later, this individual, who had picked up a few grocery items for me, left a grocery bag on the front steps. Inside the bag, 2 bunches of daffodil stems.

    I share this not really wanting to discuss that relationship in detail, but wanting to bring up the idea of visualization and then detachment from outcome. Often we have situations in life that feel quite important or even dire; the stakes are high and involve extreme circumstances. In these issues, you tend to want, to hope for, best outcomes — voraciously — especially when it feels like a crisis, or when your heart is involved.

    But what I realized with the daffodils is twofold: 1.) the power of our minds to constantly create is something *so* easy to underestimate. It isn’t as though sometimes we are creating and sometimes we aren’t. We always are. It seems more that we do not connect the dots right in front of us and see how our thoughts preceded feelings or beliefs or outcomes. And 2.) the importance of letting go of outcomes; which I think is *so* hard to do when you feel emotionally invested in a particular outcome.

    With the daffodils, I wasn’t even telling myself, “Okay, now let go of the idea of receiving daffodils.” I just didn’t have a lot riding on whether or not I would. So it was easy to let go, move on, and then notice flowers showing up and say, “Hm.” Perhaps it was because I [casually, not even with intensity] visualized in my memory, receiving those daffodils in the past, clipping the ends, picking out a vase, setting them in water, watching them unfold and brighten up the room. I visualized the “having” and “receiving” (in this case, by memory, recalling this actually happening, but couldn’t you do that with things you want that haven’t happened yet; picturing them as though they *did* just happen?)

    I wasn’t visualizing the daffodils in a wistful, I-wish-this-would-happen-to-me way — which would make it hard to detach from a particular outcome. I just wanted to share this experience because, in hindsight, it was sort of mind-blowing how “effortless” the attracting felt. It was like someone telling me,”See, it’s not supposed to be *that* hard.”

  • Steve

    Reply Reply February 27, 2012

    Thanks for sharing such a meaningful and thought provoking experience… it is as easy as you say it is Elizabeth :)

  • vinodkumar

    Reply Reply February 18, 2013

    what is the meaning of “get into feeling of having and expectation” it either having or expecting..

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