When Self-Doubt Creeps Up

Hangout #3 Coming Up…

As you may or may not know, over the past month I’ve held 2 Google Hangouts to share new insights and discoveries I’ve made with the 7-Day Manifestation Experiment. The next Hangout is coming up this December where you’ll get a chance to work with me live and ask specific questions on intention manifestation. These…

Manifesting Mastery

Personal Invitation (click here)

Interview with Susan James – How to Quiet the Mind

Last night Susan James and I hosted a live Q&A call. Theme of the call was intention manifestation and quieting the mind. If you’re a little unusual like me, you’ll love it! https://freedomeducation.ca/wp-content/Audio/Wizard-Call.mp3 Download MP3 [30 MB] Right click “save-as” Links to learn more about the Self Discovery Techniques: Self Discovery Sample Audio Contact Susan

Special Interview Coming Soon..

Just a quick post to let you know I’ve got a really cool interview coming up with Susan James. She is a Jedi-Ninja of intention manifestation – and I’m not just saying that because it sounds cool ;) The interview will be live next week on Tuesday evening. I won’t be posting the live call…

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