How to Turn Your Life Around After Hard Times

Guest Post by Per Wickstrom. Image via Pixabay After losing a decade of my life to drug abuse, it felt like things would never — could never — get back on track. It wasn’t easy and didn’t happen overnight, but before too long I found ways to put the pieces back together. Here are a…

3 Steps to Accelerate Change Now

I spontaneously patched this together as part of some new training I’ve created. Here’s a short MP3 with a little sample of 3 steps to quick change. Listen to the MP3 below. [audio:]

Affiliate Partner Program

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Spritual Inspiration

Here is a 7 minute segment from our Manifesting Mastermind Hangout last night. With this short recording I share with you how to cleanse your connection to source so that you feel more creative and in the flow. This mp3 sound bite is what I call Connecting to Source. [audio:]

When Self-Doubt Creeps Up