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You can now promote my Prosperity Formula to your email list and make a generous 100% commission on each sale.

If you like the videos I’ve posted on my blog or Youtube channel, then you’ll like this too. My Affiliate Partner Program is setup so that you make money by sending my Prosperity Video Training Series  to your email list or online tribe (for free).

7 Reasons Why Partnering Will be Beneficial to You:

  • Commissions on the Prosperity Formula are 100%; that’s $47 sent directly to you for each sale you refer. The Prosperity Formula program teaches you How to Program Your Mind for Wealth so that You Attract Money When You Want It and Need It.
  • Clicks are cookied for life. If someone buys a year from now, you still get the referral commission so that you make money long-term.
  • Each opt-in goes into a strategic, proven follow up sequence that delivers inspiring video content and helps convert your leads into new orders.
  • I use Easy Web Automation to track and handle every aspect of the launch. All you have to do is “Copy, Paste and Send” the proven email swipes I’ve already written for you…then sit back and watch your commissions begin to add up!
  • Awesome Video Training Content your list will love. Share this (free) video training series that has already received 76,000 views and has over 100 real success stories from people creating their intentions all in one week – 7 days! Your list will thank-you for sending it!!
  • Make Money and Inspire Your List. The free videos I’ve shared on Youtube have gotten over 500,000 views and shared by thousands of people around the world. Why? Because the content I share is impactful in a deep and compelling way. Inspire your list!
  • Join the Prosperity Movement. My vision is to increase human awareness and prosperity globally so others can truly enjoy the freedom of choice. Everyone deserves a life of prosperity and abundance. Share these videos with your list and make a difference :-)

What Your List of Subscribers Will Learn:

  • How to change their programming and beliefs around money and wealth
  • How to let go of limiting beliefs, prevent self-sabotage and heal emotional blocks around money so you create financial independence
  • How to create a strong, abundant feeling around money so they begin attracting more money and unexpected financial relief

If you’re interested in becoming a Prosperity Partner, please email me at:


  • Steve

    Reply Reply July 10, 2014

    Just making sure my comments still work as I haven’t posted on here since March :-)

  • Vlasta

    Reply Reply January 24, 2015

    I like your videos, and all of your experience you share with all of us. It is so friendly, so human, and also fascinating, because it is for free.
    Only the best things in the world are for free, like love, friendship, unselfish care for other beings and Nature…
    Also, it is very nice of you to share your knowledge on an easy and popular way.
    Please do it more, and more.
    It is so important, because if knowledge of Law of Attraction spread more and more, that will change our world.
    I would like to live in a better world. Also would like that for my children.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    With my blessings and best regards,

    Vlasta from Croatia, Europe


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