7-Day Money Manifestation Experiement

This the second 7-day manifestation experiement I’ve run on this blog.  I decided to run another manifestation experiment… and so far… the results are awesome! Details in my video below. [svp]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZekHHV1Raw[/svp] Click here to get more Training.

Published with Bob Doyle

Ok, so here’s some great news!  A bit of an update for you as well.  This summer I’m going to be published in a book with Bob Doyle.  The Bob Doyle featured on The Secret and the brains behind the popular Wealth Beyond Reason Program. And this is not an ebook either – this is…

How to Manifest Money

Below I share some simple steps to help you manifest money.  Follow the steps and get started right away. Post your wins in the comments below to acknowledge yourself as a powerful creator. Manifesting Money My first deliberate experience of playing the money game was a great lesson.  I had written down a goal… in…

5 Shocking Scientific Discoveries of The Human Heart

Shocking discoveries about the Human Heart. I watched a really cool documentary that shares some inspiring and mind blowing discoveries about the human heart. Check it out.

My Blackberry Died Today

Today my Blackberry died.  I got a bit of water on it while I was shaving this morning (oops!) In this article I’ll share some insights on the loss of my cell phone and how I ended up with something better through Intention Manifestation. Most people think of loss as a bad thing.  That’s not…