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  • Steve Martile

    Reply Reply October 7, 2013


    I just came out with a new video training on intention manifestation and I
    thought you might like it.

    Enjoy :-)

  • sensey l

    Reply Reply October 8, 2013

    I’m really grateful that you are here, just watched your video “7 sings of low self esteem” and unfortunetly I have all of them. Please tell me how to fix this. I think you are one of the few who can help me.

  • shyisabear

    Reply Reply October 8, 2013


  • David Vincent

    Reply Reply October 13, 2013

    ok I watched this video yesterday. And I wrote down the things I wanted to Manifest for step 2. and that was either getting a $100 from someone or a new up to date phone. I did’nt check my mail yesterday for what ever reason .So today I saw I had mail and there was a check for $51.52 in there from a bank I banked with about 8 yrs ago. I got some sort of settlement.
    I thought right away of the video I watched!!!

  • Rob Metzen

    Reply Reply October 16, 2013

    Steve, thanks for all the great videos,I really appreciate it and have learned tons!

  • Nicoleta Moisa

    Reply Reply October 17, 2013

    Thank you so much! :-)

  • Zee Nnna

    Reply Reply November 1, 2013

    Hi Steve… After watching your video… I wanted 3 things. A business partner that understands me, A date and A car… Ok my results was I spoke to a potential excellent business guy, I went on a wonderful date, and strangely I got to see about 3 cars that are on sale right now. Great Video man!!!

  • Michall Helmbæk

    Reply Reply November 9, 2013

    THX m8 IT’s amazing what your technichs do!

  • Hani Mourra

    Reply Reply December 23, 2013

    Great video Steve!

  • Beatrice Ollimo

    Reply Reply February 16, 2014

    Thank you for sharing this!

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