Brain Fried

Here is a question I received via email.  I thought the insight I took away from this simple idea was profound enough to share here. The question came from a reader of my blog. They were reading The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol. (which I highly recommend) Here’s the question…  “Nowadays we have all…


According to polls almost all Americans – about 88% of them – have made a new years resolution this year.  The bad news is that half of them will have broken that promise by January 2 and more than 90% of those resolutions would have been forgotten by April 1 of this year. Here’s my…

The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol

I found this fantastic resource and want to share what I learned from it in this video. The book is called The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol written in 1948. Download the book here: The Magic of Believing

3 Secrets to Creating a New Reality

Creating reality secrets. In this video I share 3 key insider secrets I’ve learned over the last couple of years about shifting reality. These secrets will help you shift reality and your life. More on reality creation… see the 7 Day Manifestation Experiment.

How to Shift Reality

There is only way to shift reality. That is by intentionally giving more energy and attention to the reality you want to create and less attention to the one you currently live and breathe. In this article I’ll share some hidden nuggets of goodness that will ultimately help you shift your reality. Now some people…

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