Ep #35 – Limiting Beliefs with Dana Corey

Ep #35 – Limiting Beliefs with Dana Corey Dana Corey is a business strategist and coach for established business owners who want a profitable business that runs smoothly without sacrificing their entire lives to build it. * Summary of Key Points in every relationship there is an unspoken power dynamic that limits growth in any…

Silencing Your Self-Talk

Listen here:  Download the MP3 here. If you really liked this MP3, then you might like this too: Prosperity Formula

What do NASA astronauts, Navy seals and Olympic athletes all have in common?

How would your life change if you had the same mental edge and mindset that NASA astronauts, Navy seals, Olympic athletes, race car drivers, and famous performers use to perform at the highest levels in their fields? If you want to learn how to unlock you the hidden power in your brain, then reserve your…

When Self-Doubt Creeps Up

Special Interview Coming Soon..

Just a quick post to let you know I’ve got a really cool interview coming up with Susan James. She is a Jedi-Ninja of intention manifestation – and I’m not just saying that because it sounds cool ;) The interview will be live next week on Tuesday evening. I won’t be posting the live call…

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