Secret to Prosperity

I joined Motivational Whisperers Radio as a radio guest speaker tonight and thought you might appreciate listening to the recording. The show runs about 60 minutes with host – Marketing Expert Dawn Abraham and co-host Law of Attraction expert Michele Laub. [audio:] Download MP3 [14.5 MB] Right click “save-as”

Limiting Beliefs Revealed

In this video I share a profound insight to help reveal and release your limiting beliefs. This might just be the best video you watch all year… Vote for your training here Watch more on Limiting Beliefs here.

Brain Fried

Here is a question I received via email.  I thought the insight I took away from this simple idea was profound enough to share here. The question came from a reader of my blog. They were reading The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol. (which I highly recommend) Here’s the question…  “Nowadays we have all…

The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol

I found this fantastic resource and want to share what I learned from it in this video. The book is called The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol written in 1948. Download the book here: The Magic of Believing

7 Symptoms of Limiting Beliefs

Here are 7 symptoms of limiting beliefs… The Sedona Method

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