How Do I Find Happiness Again?

The things that make us happy, are ours to own. Many times we give our happiness away, then resent others because of it. We blame others for not being happy. We blame our boss, our spouse, our kids, our dogs, kitties, our clients…. and we even blame the neighbour! We blame the government, racism, and…

Cheri Huber Living in Insight

I’ve been reading quite a few books from Cheri Huber lately.  Her work is mainly focused on meditation and being in the moment.  I’ve been meditating consistently since mid-2011 so it wasn’t a big jump for me to add the nuances that Cheri teaches in her books into my own daily practice. I found that…

5 Shocking Scientific Discoveries of The Human Heart

Shocking discoveries about the Human Heart. I watched a really cool documentary that shares some inspiring and mind blowing discoveries about the human heart. Check it out.

What Makes Us Happy?

Three factors that make us happy. I share the results of a study about what makes us happy. If you really enjoyed this video, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Why Money Doesn’t Make You Happy

Money doesn’t make you happy. BUT… being happy can greatly increase your chances of attracting and having more money.  That’s the big illusion behind money that many are awakening to… slowly. In this article I’ll share some insights on why making more money DOES NOT make you happy. Happiness & Money The reason many people…

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