How Do I Find Happiness Again?

The things that make us happy, are ours to own.

Many times we give our happiness away, then resent others because of it.

We blame others for not being happy.

We blame our boss, our spouse, our kids, our dogs, kitties, our clients…. and we even blame the neighbour!

We blame the government, racism, and we even blame the church!

…for not being happy.

And the problem is…

We are giving our happiness away.

If you want to be happy, don’t give it away.

Claim it as yours.

And take HOLD of it at anytime.

When I was young, I loved skiing.

I always have. I was 5 years old when my dad first took me out skiing, and I just loved it.

It was fun, I got to explore, and there was a sense of freedom… like I could fly (again).

what do you love?

We all have something we love to do.

My wife Trisha loves to sing and dance, so sometimes (at random) she will sing and dance around the house :-)

I don’t interfere…

I don’t tell her that I don’t like it, or that I don’t want to hear it…

Because it’s what she loves to do….

I love writing, which is why I am writing this…

But what makes you happy?

Something you used to do when you were very young…

Something that comes to you naturally and without effort…

Something that the more you did it, the happier you were !

Do you remember what it was?

….of course, you do!

So what is it?

What used to make you happy when you were very young?

That’s what will make you happy today.

because you can’t change who you ARE.

A recession can’t change it.

Depression can’t change it.

not even death it self !

Because you are who you are…. eternal, forever, everlasting.

And being happy comes from going back to that place.

So what makes you happy?

what did you love to do when you very young?

{let me know in the comments below}


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