Cheri Huber Living in Insight

I’ve been reading quite a few books from Cheri Huber lately.  Her work is mainly focused on meditation and being in the moment.  I’ve been meditating consistently since mid-2011 so it wasn’t a big jump for me to add the nuances that Cheri teaches in her books into my own daily practice.

I found that the more I practiced what she was teaching, the more insight I gained.  Think about gaining insight after insight after insight… being in a continuous state of complete spontaneity and surprise… as if every breathing moment is another moment for you to learn something new.  It’s an exciting place to live from.

Cheri talks about “living in insight” as a reality for those who practice meditation.  I think Cheri is spot-on.  Anyone who commits to the regular practice of being in the present moment can live in insight.  I thought this idea of living-in-insight as being such a wild and exciting ride that I would buy a bunch of Cheri’s books.

Here are a list of Cheri Huber’s books I recommend:


  • Suo

    Reply Reply December 29, 2012

    Steve have you read all of the books you recommended? Which was your favorite?

  • Steve

    Reply Reply December 29, 2012

    Hey Suo… yes, I have read each one… (they are an easy read and the font is printed from the author by hand… not standard type-print which is really cool)… I would say they are all good because each one of them does the exact same thing… as you’re reading you become more present of your thoughts (- and +)… just reading the books awakens you :)

    If I had to pick my favorite… the one that resonated with me the most…. it would be… That Which You Are Seeking is Causing You to Seek.

    Happy reading :-)

  • Whatever seriously stimulated you to post “Cheri Huber
    Living in Insight | Manifesting your desires.
    ..”? I personallytruly loved the post! Many thanks ,Rosie

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