Why Money Doesn’t Make You Happy

Money doesn’t make you happy.

BUT… being happy can greatly increase your chances of attracting and having more money.  That’s the big illusion behind money that many are awakening to… slowly. In this article I’ll share some insights on why making more money DOES NOT make you happy.

Happiness & Money

The reason many people search for ways to earn and attract money is not because they want more money.

Oh Really?

Well for most people it’s not the reason.  They aren’t really interested in the money.

A majority of people don’t want more money… they just want to be happy.  It’s the feeling of happiness they are looking for.

Let me explain.

Having money could give you the opportunity to buy a new car, pay for your home, clear your debts or even pay for your education.  Having those things – a new car, home paid, debts clear or education accounted for – makes you feel a certain way… some might say it makes them feel ‘full, abundant, joyful, in control, in power, etc.’

Having the money to buy those items I mentioned above – gives you those feelings – BUT in the end, the feeling is what you’re really after.. not the money.

But most people have it backwards.

Chasing After Money

The problem is that many people believe that if they work hard, the money will follow… along with the happiness, success and those other feelings they really desire.

So what happens is that we get into this mode of searching for things (like money and success) to make us feel a certain way.

What you’ll discover is that once you maintain a state of wanting something – money, success or anything for that matter – you actually create more distance between that which you want and your very being.  All you need to do is ‘check-in’ with how you feel to notice that distance.  If you feel that you do not have IT, then more of not having is what you experience.

And what do we do in response to NOT having that money and success?

We re-act.  We try harder.  We chase the dream.

This makes your ways of being (searching for money and success)… a habit.

Now let’s say you do become successful.  You do have the money and you have the success.

You have finally done it!

You should be happy right?

But you’re not.


Because you made chasing money a habit and you feel the need to continue to strive and be successful.

So you continue to search and look.

But that’s not where you want to go to be happy.  You don’t want to search for it at all… you just want to be happy.  Easier said than done as I explain in why being happy with yourself is harder than being miserable.

Because let’s face it – in the end – all you really want is the feeling.

So why not go after what you really want?

Start here: The First Step to Being Happy



  • Kieron Pollard

    Reply Reply October 3, 2011

    Dear Steve,

    Really enjoyed reading your article . I would appreciate if you will plz elaborate your last observation …”Because let’s face it – the feeling is what you’re really after”.

    Here in Bridgetown, Barbados I grew up in a very poor family . We never had enough of anything . No house , no car and of course hardly any money . The local church provided the food .

    So for people like me (and I recon there are many more poor people like me around the world) how do I get the feeling of having enough of money , as I have never experienced it in my life.



  • Steve

    Reply Reply October 3, 2011

    @ Kieron: the same way you do anything you haven’t done before… you imagine it!! You visualize it! You see it!

    It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had money before… do you think I ever knew what it felt like to earn over 100k in a single year before?

    The answer is no! I never did!!

    But I was still able to do it and you can too. The most important thing is that you start feeling this way at least even for a short period every day… start feeling abundant and more abundance will be drawn towards you.

    I’ve covered this topic in a bit more depth here: Living From Abundance

  • Kieron Pollard

    Reply Reply October 3, 2011

    Steve, you are the Man .

    May God bless you with more abundance.

    Best Regards,


  • Stephane Lacroix

    Reply Reply November 25, 2011

    Thanks for the post Steve. Some people may not realize that their chase of money may be causing some unhappiness.

    Great post.


  • Steve

    Reply Reply November 25, 2011

    True Stephane – they “don’t” realize it because they are not aware.

  • Hannes

    Reply Reply February 15, 2013

    Well, it is true. Got one point four million dollars from the stock market, but still… I feel empty . There is nothing in my life wich makes me happy. I am so… empty. Money makes you happy for a very short period of time, but what do you have when you only have money, but nothing else?

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