The Most Advanced Technology on the Planet is in Human Beings

Be grateful that you were put here on this Earth with some of the most advanced technology to create your world. here is a short list of the resources you have as a human being to turn mind into matter: 1. Nervous System: you have a nervous system that you can manipulate and change by…

How to Raise Your Influence

Cheri Huber Living in Insight

I’ve been reading quite a few books from Cheri Huber lately.  Her work is mainly focused on meditation and being in the moment.  I’ve been meditating consistently since mid-2011 so it wasn’t a big jump for me to add the nuances that Cheri teaches in her books into my own daily practice. I found that…


I have experienced Benign Positional Vertigo for just over 10 years. If you experience dizziness at times that lasts for hours or even days at a time, you’ll appreciate some of the resources on this page.   In this article I’ll share some of the treatments I have used for ‘curing’ Benign Positional Vertigo. Vertigo…

The Secret to Staying Young Forever

The fountain of youth. It’s attainable within practical measure and it’s so simple… and if you GET what I’m about to share with you… you will feel younger, longer.

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