The Most Advanced Technology on the Planet is in Human Beings

Be grateful that you were put here on this Earth with some of the most advanced technology to create your world.

here is a short list of the resources you have as a human being to turn mind into matter:

1. Nervous System: you have a nervous system that you can manipulate and change by thinking and feeling your way into a new reality. The electrical signals firing and wiring through your nervous system can change at any time with deliberate thought, and these new thoughts colour your perceptions.

2. Brain: you have a brain that allows you to “fire and wire” new synaptic connections every time you think a new thought. New thoughts create new connections, and these new connections create new circuits to allow electrical signals to travel and activate new chemicals (emotions) in your body.

3. Piezoelectric Sensor: in the middle of the brain, the pineal gland contains small crystals that act as a piezoelectric sensor when activated. During deep breathing, spinal fluid will circulate up your spine and into the brain to create a compressive fluid force on the crystals in the pineal gland. As you continue to breathe deeply, this fluid force is converted into an electrical charge by the pineal gland allowing you to supply and receive information from the Field, gain greater intuitive insight and reveal the truth.

4. Heart: you have a heart and a heart energy center that generates a magnetic field that is 10-feet in diameter and affects matter locally and non-locally when it is in a super coherent and inspired state. What this means is that when your heart is super coherent (when you feel inspired) you have more clarity, more energy, and you have more affect on matter. Think of normal coherence in the body as 10 out of 1,000 people in an audience clapping in sync and at the same time. Super coherence is when 1,000 out of a 1,000 people in that same audience are clapping totally in sync – that’s a lot of energy! And that is what it will feel like in your body when your are in a super coherent state. No coffee required… lol!

5. Your Energy Centers: you have 8 energy centers, seven of those energy centers are in your body – they are “thinking brains” that affect your energy, mood, and perceptions.

The bottom three energy centers store past traumas, activate stress hormones and keep you in a state of reaction and panic. If you use meditation, deep breathing and other techniques to unblock your energy centers so that they are fully cleared and coherent, you will have more energy, vitality, clarity and confidence, and you will trust more.

The bottom line is that you are a vibrating field of unlimited possibilities. You are a stream of consciousness that is continually manifesting and creating your world. The key to taking control and living an absolute blissful life, is to use the technology you have been equipped with to change your emotional state, and therefore change your world.


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