Spritual Inspiration

Here is a 7 minute segment from our Manifesting Mastermind Hangout last night. With this short recording I share with you how to cleanse your connection to source so that you feel more creative and in the flow. This mp3 sound bite is what I call Connecting to Source. [audio: http://www.more-money-now.ca/wp-content/audio/mp3/Source.mp3]

Interview with Susan James – How to Quiet the Mind

Last night Susan James and I hosted a live Q&A call. Theme of the call was intention manifestation and quieting the mind. If you’re a little unusual like me, you’ll love it! https://freedomeducation.ca/wp-content/Audio/Wizard-Call.mp3 Download MP3 [30 MB] Right click “save-as” Links to learn more about the Self Discovery Techniques: Self Discovery Sample Audio Contact Susan

Secret to Prosperity

I joined Motivational Whisperers Radio as a radio guest speaker tonight and thought you might appreciate listening to the recording. The show runs about 60 minutes with host – Marketing Expert Dawn Abraham and co-host Law of Attraction expert Michele Laub. [audio: https://freedomeducation.ca/wp-content/Audio/Secret-to-Prosperity.mp3] Download MP3 [14.5 MB] Right click “save-as”

Sales Mastery Interview

This is an interview I did with Barbara Giamanco for the Sales Mastery Series. There are some great nuggets of wisdom in this interview for sales people, business owners and entrepreneurs looking to double or triple their revenues over the next 12 months. Listen to the 30 minute interview here: [audio: https://freedomeducation.ca/wp-content/Audio/Sale-Mastery-Interview.mp3] Download MP3 [7.7…

How to Attract Money

How to Attract Money using the Law of Attraction.   This is a Special 1 Hour Live Teleseminar I held on how to attract money.  Since earning over $100,000 last year, I’ve really had a desire to share what I’ve learned about money and how to attract it. Some really good nuggets in this training…

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