Top 10 Video Blogs for 2009

I thought I’d share some of the more popular video blogs I put together in 2009.  It’s been just over a year since I introduced video to my blog.  Although awkward at first, I started to get more comfortable with the format because I felt like I could be myself.

I thought this list might provide some added inspiration and motivation to help you kick off the new year.

Here are the Top 10 Video Blogs for 2009:

#10  How to Change Your Thoughts, Fast!

Changing your thoughts (especially the nagging ones) is not as difficult as it sounds. You can do it very quickly when you have the right tools. It’s just a matter of having a willingness to learn something new so that you can change your thoughts.

In this video I’ll show you exactly how to change your thoughts fast using the swish pattern.


#9  The No.1 Strategy to Make You Feel Better

This strategy works for me every time and it will work for you too – to make you feel better; and here’s the best part. It’s so simple. You can do it at home, at work, with friends or family – with anyone at all. You could do it with a total stranger!


#8  How to Make Bigger and More Inspiring Pictures

The video is less than two minutes long and it will help you make bigger and more inspiring pictures.


#7  How to Squash Negative Thoughts – 6 Ways

If you find yourself thinking the same negative thought over and over again, it can sap the energy right out of you.  Use these 6 tips to help eliminate negative thoughts and get rid of that little trickster between your ears.


#6  How Can I Make Someone Tell the Truth?

I’ll be honest with you.  You can’t make someone do something they don’t want to do, but what you can do is use my lie-detector test to see if someone is telling you the truth or not.  It’s really easy to do and once you get the hang of it, you’ll start to learn a lot about others.


#5  The Unconscious Mind Power Series

I put this video together because I wanted to bring this one idea to your attention.  Your unconscious mind is responsible for approximately 95% of your behavior. It’s probably one of the biggest misconceptions people have about how their mind works. It’s also one of the most valuable.


#4  6 Signs You’re Not Using the Law of Attraction

You’re always using the Law of Attraction, but not necessarily the way you want to – the way you would like.  And that’s what I mean by not using the law of attraction.  Instead of using the Law of Attraction, you’re using it’s polar opposite – the law of repulsion: you push away the good you desire.


#3  3 Questions to Identify Self-Sabotage in the Human Mind

One way to take notice of your own self-sabotage is by becoming aware of physical pain.  Physical discomfort is caused by disharmony in the human mind; either consciously or unconsciously.  Pain is a loud and clear message from the inner self.  A sign of unresolved inner conflict.  And it’s this inner conflict that creates, manifests and shows up on the outside as the opportunity killer, self-sabotage.


#2  Why Affirmations Don’t Work

95% of people DO NOT know this secret.  If you have tried affirmations without success then you’ll want to know WHY.


#1  How to Get and Stay Motivated in Less Than 5 Minutes

Sometimes it can be hard to stay focused and centered as you move through your workday.  It’s hard to get control.  You have good intentions at the start of the day, but things seem to go off track.

You know what I mean?  Well, here is something that has helped me quite a bit.  Not only has it helped me gain control, but it’s also helped me rekindle that inner fire.

It’s an important technique that I haven’t seen anywhere else on the web.  And the best part is that you can use it over and over again once you “get it.”  Here’s the video:

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