7 Months of Publishing Video Every Week, and Here’s What I Learned

I’ve been publishing weekly content for about 7 months, and here are my 3 biggest take-aways:

>> content as a resource creates currency, and good news… generates consistent business if you are consistent ;-)

>> the inertia you get from having created 70-80 pieces of long-form content over a few months gives you MOMENTUM…. meaning: you have more options to DJ, mix and edit your original content, so that you stay relevant and omni-present with your tribe (without constantly having to create new content!)

>> content is the CTA… not necessarily the call to action itself; meaning that if your content is good, that will drive the action. However, out of habit, I added a call to action at the end of this video anyways because I couldn’t help it! LOL!

Watch the video, and let me know….

What is your biggest “aha” or “take-away” ?

Love to hear from you,


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