Do you sell executive coaching? ⁣⁣

Do you sell executive coaching? ⁣

If so, try this…⁣

Instead of reaching out directly to an executive or someone on the leadership team (which can be a challenge in itself to get their time and attention)… ⁣

Reach out to someone on the Human Resources Team here on LinkedIn because: ⁣

A. they are active on LinkedIn⁣
B. they have had the experience of coaching⁣
C. they understand and believe in the value of coaching ⁣

When you reach out, say something like this: ⁣

+++ ⁣

hey FN,⁣

I was just checking out your LinkedIn Profile.⁣

I see a big opportunity for your leadership to grow with coaching. ⁣

Any interest in having a conversation?⁣


+++ ⁣

Give it a shot and see what happens. ⁣

Have you use this approach before? ⁣

Did it work? ⁣

Love to hear from you in the comments below, ⁣


ps. Tag share with someone in your network who could benefit from this. ⁣

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