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I received quite a few emails after publishing my last blog post, Why I’m No Longer a Life Coach.

Many people congratulated me on taking this new direction and at the same time others grew concerned about the new direction of my blog.  In this post I want to clarify that new direction.

So first let me start by being completely honest.  I publish content on this blog as a means of providing insight and direction – to others as well as myself.  Writing helps me clarify and crystallize my own beliefs and values; it helps me get clear on what it means to be a human being with infinite potential.

When I share my own insights, I also gain an interest in coaching.  The people reading this – yes, you – see the value in what I share and teach, and in some cases are looking for a coach.  That’s where the coaching comes in.  The only difference now – is that I have narrowed my coaching focus.

Now that I’ve shifted my coaching focus, I don’t suspect I will get fewer requests for coaching.  In fact, I believe I will get more requests for coaching.  The truth is that this blog has had well over 8,500 unique visitors (up from 5,000 last year) on average over the past 3 months, so attracting new cilents is not going to be a probelm.

Self-Help Content

So now… on to the big question, what type of content will I publish on this blog moving forward?

As part of the growth of this blog, I want to continue to write helpful and insightful content.   I’ll continue writing about the Law of Attraction, the power of manifestation and the powers of the mind.  I’ll write about self-help, personal growth and topics that encourage you to reach your potential.

Just for starters anways.  And I’ll start this week by sharing about an important distinction in the human mind that creates stress and overwhelm for many people.  I’ll have it up on my blog tomorrow.

Thanks for listening…




  • David

    Reply Reply August 9, 2011

    Hi Steve,

    Since you are an expert in Law Of Attraction , I thought of asking you this question.

    I was laid off by a Big 4 Accounting firm in New York last Friday. I am an Accounting Graduate and most of the jobs in our area require an engineering degree.

    Will the Law Of Attraction help me to get an engineer’s job ? I know I can do it well.

    Please do advice.



  • Steve

    Reply Reply August 9, 2011

    Hey David – you can have whatever you want… just remember that every seed planted has a gestation period… so my best advice is to be as happy as you can be going after what you want.

    Many people in your situation say, “Yes, I would love this job so that I can pay my bills,” but is that what you really want, do you just want to pay the bills or do you want to surround yourself with abundance?

    I’m serious – you gotta test yourself and see what you’re really made of – I’m guessing this layoff is definitely “clearing the space” for a bigger opportunity for you.

    I think the real secret is to know what you want… feel it, see it and then go after it as if it is already yours…

  • David

    Reply Reply August 9, 2011

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks a lot for your invaluable advice. I always wanted to be an Engineer but the lack of sufficient money compelled me to opt for an Accounting degree.

    I know I can do an Engineer’s job . I hope I get one.

    Best Regards,


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