Feelings Act as Feedback

The is the second of a 5 part series on how to change your thoughts to change your life. In this second video I give an example of how you can train yourself to get out of depression by changing the way you think and feel.

You can watch the previous video here: 5 Steps to Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life

Here’s the video:

Step 2: Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life


You Are Energy in a Vibration is the next video in the series.


  • Ande

    Reply Reply April 26, 2010

    Steve, this video is a great explanation of the feelings as indicator/pattern interrupt process. I thought your readers might like to hear from a “success story” regarding depression. I was in and out of severe depression from my teens into my thirties. I was diagnosed as bipolar when I was 32. I spent 7 years under psychiatric care and was on 12 different meds for bipolar depression. I never got better. I’d been reading about the law of attraction and had begun meditating, and I decided to stop taking meds. My doc told me I’d end up in a mental hospital if I did. I ignored him. I started with behavioral shifts–like the posture changes you’re talking about–and diet and exercise shifts. And I kept depression manageable that way.

    In time, though, I discovered I could shift my mood by changing what I focused on. Nothing outside of me changes–I just deliberately shift my focus. I use my “down” feeling NOT to tell me I’m depressed but as a warning signal that I am thinking about something that isn’t aligned with my higher self. I deliberately shift focus, and voila, I feel better. I also never, ever describe myself as depressed or someone with depression. It’s just not who I am. I have down days, sure, when I let myself wallow in bad feelings, but I have had no depression or bipolar symptoms in 10 years. Even now, when the rest of my life is kind of a mess (financial etc), I’m still not depressed.

    I talk to and exchange e-mails with people who are adamant that depression and especially bipolar can’t be cured, because their doctors said so. I tell them I’m living proof that you can choose different thoughts and your brain chemistry will follow.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply April 26, 2010

    Hey Ande,

    I’ve also had clients who come in and tell me they are depressed – and those “labels” don’t serve anyone – but I guess it’s human nature to give someone a label – so you can categorize them.

    Ultimately, it’s like you said. Once people know where to put their attention and how to use their brain, they change the way they feel.

    Love your story btw – thanks for sharing it,

  • Leszek Cyfer

    Reply Reply June 2, 2010

    Great story Ande – and it gives an explanation to the question everybody asks after hearing the next video – “how do I finetune my vibrations?”

    The answer is – “By choosing what you focus on”

    And you focus on something by asking “how can I…?” and then begin acting on the answers.

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