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I realize it’s tough out there. There are a lot of people ‘hurting’ financially. I also realize that not everyone can afford to hire a coach; so here’s the next best thing: Wallace Wattles’ 7 Principles in the Science of Getting Rich.

I wrote these lessons back in 2008 after I left my job to pursue a full time career as a coach.  I was making good money at the time (up to $9316.00 per month) and I was inspired by Wallace Wattles’ book, The Science of Getting Rich.

I must have read Wattles’ book almost 50 times.  It was the repetition and the studying of this book that really brought me to new levels of awareness. As I started to piece together the whole mystery behind the Science of Getting Rich I realized more about myself and the Universe.

When I got the puzzle pieces in place, I decided to recreate these principles in my own words. I decided to share it with others so that they could understand what Wallace Wattles was trying to say in current-present day terms.

I took what I believe are the most important concepts in Wallace Wattles book and put them into an easy to understand format. You can download the 7 principles in the Science of Getting Rich here for FREE:

7 Principles in the Science of Getting Rich
(click on link)

As part of these principles I also share a few other resources that I think you will find valuable.  These resources will help you understand Wallace Wattles’ concepts in greater depth.

If you’ve already read this series, great – if not, then here’s your chance to get some great content for free.  I know some other bloggers might think I’m nuts to give this sort of information away for free, but I do it for two main reasons:

  • when I teach a concept to someone else first I accelerate the speed at which I learn it
  • that which I give always comes back :)

Enjoy the Science of Getting Rich principles in this series.  Share this PDF with your friends.



  • Suo Mynona

    Reply Reply April 7, 2010

    So this book inspired you to leave a $10,000 a month job to pursue coaching full-time. Curious to know how much you are making now as a coach?

  • Steve

    Reply Reply April 7, 2010

    Hi Suo,

    As a coach, I don’t earn nearly as much as I did when I was doing engineering consulting alone.

    What many people don’t realize is that I also do freelance work as a blogging consultant, I earn residual income from this blog and a few other blogs that I’m running – as well as earning passive income from real estate.

    To be quite honest, if I didn’t leave my job I wouldn’t have been able to do all of these really creative (and fun) projects.

    That’s really what Wallace Wattles is teaching. It’s not just about the “money” and getting rich; it’s about being creative and using your creative power.

  • I too read this book over and over and made my own audio version to listen to. Yes some is hard to understand but the monday night SGR calls help explain. Thankyou Tiffany and Bob.
    I find this helpful too.


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