3 Beliefs to Engage the Law of Attraction

There are three beliefs that you need to internalize if you want to engage the Law of Attraction. Now I know some people are thinking, “that’s really nice Steve, more principles on the Law of Attraction, but how do I really get rich?” I’m telling you that these three beliefs are the foundation to harnessing that creative force inside you.

In my video I’ll share with you 3 beliefs that will help you engage the law of attraction. And as always if you have something to say, just say it! Spill the beans, speak your mind – I want to hear your questions.

These videos are so fun to make. I hope you enjoyed this week’s Motivational Monday.

Steve in his Motivational Monday Mo-jo


  • Ana

    Reply Reply November 18, 2008

    Today… I am grateful for you.
    Thank you, I look forward your next Motivational Monday Mo-jo

  • Steve

    Reply Reply November 19, 2008

    thanks Ana :)

  • Drezz

    Reply Reply November 21, 2008

    Hey buddy – its been awhile. Good to see you’re still keeping at it, staying positive and motivating others.

    I’ve been moving towards positive changes myself for my own growth and well being, and I agree 100% with your video comments – there is truly not enough emphasis on ACTION. Everyone expects everything to fall into their laps, but without action, very little gets done, and all of that positive thinking goes to waste.

    Thanks for the boost.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply November 22, 2008

    Thanks Drezz – I love the feedback, drop by anytime; it’s always nice to get a fresh perspective :)

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