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If you’re a coach or you would like to be a coach, you’re in the right place. My partner (Hani Mourra) and I have setup a new blog that is specifically designed to help coaches build their businesses online using a blog. It’s called Blogging for Coaches.

This blog is for coaches. It’s for life coaches, health coaches, wellness coaches, business coaches, marketing coaches and sales coaches.

The purpose of this blog is to share strategies, techniques and information that will help coaches market their business online using blogs and blogging. By blogging you can help your business generate more leads and get new coaching clients.

I’ve been wanting to get this project off the ground for quite a while now. I originally came up with the idea more than a year ago. As I shared the idea with Hani we started to get really excited about the possibilities of this project. This helped us crystallize our vision and sculpt the foundation for Blogging for Coaches.

As you’ll remember from when I wrote on the Law of Gender, every seed planted has an incubation period. Blogging for Coaches is one of those seeds and it’s finally come into physical form.

What You Will Learn at Blogging for Coaches

I’m happy to share it openly with coaches who want to build their coaching business online using blogs and blogging. At our new blog, you’ll learn:

  • how to get started with a blog
  • how to write compelling content for your blog
  • how blogging help you grow your coaching business
  • how to bring traffic to your blog
  • how to build a list of qualified leads for your coaching business
  • how to generate digital products that sell online
  • how to convert leads into paying clients

This is just the very beginning, but Hani and I are very excited to share this with you.  To learn more, make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter: Blogging for Coaches

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