Law of Gender

The law of gender is one of several Universal Laws.  This law is also commonly known as the law of gestation and explains the process of moving from seeds of thought to creating physical results.  The law of gender can be stated as follows…

Law of Gender

Every seed of thought has a gestation or incubation period.  This seed of thought will move into form or physical results when the time is right.  Know it will.

Because of my engineering background, I like to think of the law of gender as a process.  It’s the cycle or natural process in nature that is fundamental to the law of gender.  Consider these commonly known processes:

  • A woman is normally pregnant for 9 months.
  • The Earth orbits the sun every 365 days.
  • The lining in your stomach gets replaced every few days.
  • If you donate a pint (473 ml) of blood, it takes 4-6 weeks to regenerate.
  • It takes approximately 90-100 days to grow tomatoes from seed to harvest.

In each of these examples, there is a specific time period that elapses before physical results are produced.  You wouldn’t expect a woman to give birth in 3 months, would you?  I hope not because you know that it takes 9 months for a pregnancy.

Likewise, you wouldn’t expect to plant seeds and have ripe tomatoes after 21 days.  It takes 90-100 days to harvest tomatoes from the seed.  It’s all part of the creative process.

The Law of Gender as a Process

But for some reason, we don’t think this way.  We want everything NOW – we want results and in some cases we wanted them yesterday.  We get impatient and forget that nature moves in cycles and is part of a bigger process.

“Understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!” ~ Anthony Robbins

Your thoughts and feelings are part of this process.  If you feel bad right now, change the thought.  Change the thought and you change the feeling.  You won’t feel good instantly, but you will eventually.  It must happen because it’s part of the process governed by the law of gender.

The Law of Gender and Goal Setting

When it comes to goal setting and goal achievement, the same rules apply.  All ideas and seeds of thought have an incubation period; a rate of maturing that cultivates a new idea.  This idea will then take the shape of feelings and actions towards creating that idea.  And once you take action, physical results will always follow.  It’s all part of the process or the law of gender.  Your goals will manifest when the time is right know they will.

Let’s take the tomato plant as an example.  Some people plant their tomato seeds.  Then after some time they don’t bother to water the soil.  They don’t trim the weeds and carefully nourish the plant.  They don’t follow the process of nurturing and cultivating the seeds.  They don’t give it any energy and then what happens?

You guessed it – the plant dies.

People will do this with their goals all the time.  Maybe we have an idea or goal in mind and so we start.  We write down our goal and stick it on the mirror in the bathroom.  We get really excited about this goal and believe it can happen.

But then what happens?  The goal isn’t nourished and given energy.  We don’t visualize and affirm this goal.  We don’t take daily action towards this goal and then the goal dies.

Now give this some thought:  If you were responsible for a small babe, would you abandon the babe?

You probably think I’m nuts, right?  You would never abandon a babe because it’s so small, fragile and innocent.  It needs love and attention to grow and nourish.  It can’t survive on it’s own – and the same is true with your goals.

What’s the Secret to the Law of Gender?

So, how do you do it?  How do you cultivate an idea into a goal and then achieve that goal?  You maintain your persistence with faith and expectation.

You must know that our goal is coming to you.  You must maintain your faith and expectation – and the place to start is with your gratitude.

“The grateful mind continually expects good things and expectation becomes faith.” ~ Wallace Wattles

Think of gratitude as the source of energy to a great fire. To build a great fire, you need a lot of fuel; you need wood to burn, kindling, branches and leaves.  All these materials provide fuel for the fire. Just as these materials provide the start to a great fire, gratitude provides fuel to your expectation.

Gratitude > Faith > Expectation

You see, you can’t build a great fire without proper fuel, just as you can’t build your expectation without faith and gratitude.  It’s your expectation and knowing your goal is done that brings it to you.

Maintain your gratitude.  The more good you see, the more good you will come to expect.  It’s your faith in knowing your goal is coming towards you that brings it to you.  Your goals will manifest when the time is right.  Know they will.

Trust the Process

Everyone is a part of this process, regardless if they believe it or not.  You can’t get to where you want to go until you know where you currently are.

So where are you currently with your goals?  Remember, according to the law of gender, all of nature moves into physical form through a process.  And this process begins with a thought that is then incubated for a period of time before it manifests into physical reality.

Maybe, just maybe your goal is taking longer than expected?  It’s not coming to you when you thought it would, so what do you do?  You might read: Why is taking so long to achieve your goals?

The bottom line is that it’s a part of the process.  When in doubt, check where you are in the process:

Gratitude > Faith > Expectation

Where are you?  If expectation is the furthest thing from your mind, cultivate your faith.  Start to believe your goal is being received – that you already have it.   If you don’t have any faith that your goal is coming to you, then cultivate gratitude.

Trust this process and your goals will manifest when the time is right.  Know they will.


  • Vincent Ng

    Reply Reply August 20, 2009

    I thought this was a great article, and it made so much sense. I need to be more grateful about the experiences that i’m having.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply August 20, 2009

    It’s unfortunate that more people don’t see this, but you’re right Vincent. Gratitude is a vibration more than it’s an attitude – be and feel grateful and watch the good flood into your life.

  • Jennifer

    Reply Reply October 31, 2013

    Thank you for a great and informative article! I was struggling to understand this law and you cleared it up perfectly! All things in their perfect and right time :)

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