3 Limiting Beliefs that Restrict Your Ability to Manifest

I think one of the most difficult aspects of being a deliberate creator is to trust in the process of manifestation.  To allow it to happen and hold hopeful thoughts of joy and happiness while practicing the mind power techniques that I’ve shared on my blog.

You become what you think about.  Strong lasting words with very little impact if you still hold these 3 limiting beliefs:

Limiting Belief #1: The World is a Scary Place

If you believe the world is against you instead of for you then you’ll never be in a position to let the good you desire come into your life.  Fear is a low level emotion that holds you in an everlasting state of incubation.  It creates distance between you and what you want.

You’ll never germinate your dreams in this state of mind. Einstein once said,

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

And that’s the point.  You must believe that everyone and everything in your life is here to help and support you on your journey. The Universe is not against you – it’s for you – because you are a part of the Universe.

Limiting Belief #2: There is Not Enough to Go Around for Everyone

There is a virus in the minds of people that says that if I get what I want then somebody else loses.  It also says that if you get what you want then someone else has to suffer.  That there is only so much to go around and soon we’re going to run out.

This idea of, “not enoughness” comes from the mental habit of thinking scarcity. The reason it’s such a strong belief is because most people put so much attention and emphasis on the physical world that they believe that physical reality is the only reality.  And that idea limits what they can create in their life.

Instead hold ideas of abundance.  Hold ideas that there is more than enough to go around.  Hold ideas that there is more than enough money, ideas, love, friendships and opportunity.  Continually coax and convince yourself that we live in an abundant Universe; that there is more than enough for everyone.

Limiting Belief #3: You’re Not Responsible for What Happens to You

If you get into an argument with your spouse or someone important in your life, do you blame them? Most people do. They don’t want to take full responsibility for what happens to them.  They got this idea that we live in a world of cause and effect, except they are not the cause.  That somehow the world is separate and apart from us.

Here’s what you really must understand.  You can’t be responsible for some of what happens in your life and still be a powerful deliberate creator.  You’ve got to be responsible for all of it – everything.  A hard pill to swallow at first, but the gateway to creating the life you want.

These aren’t the only limiting beliefs that restrict your ability to manifest.  What other limiting beliefs do you feel have a strong impact on your ability to create your ideal life?  What is your experience?

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  • Wendy

    Reply Reply February 22, 2010

    What my experiences have taught me is that my purpose in this life defines what abundance exists for me.
    If I were to have abundance in a way that would hinder my purpose what purpose would that serve? It is for the greatest and highest good that abundance comes into our life. This is what my experience has taught me.

  • James Sale

    Reply Reply February 24, 2010

    Hi Steve 

    Liked your site and great question. Of your 3 answers, the one that most reponded with me is that ‘you are not responsible for what happens to you’. This is an insidious and invasive belief that people tend to believe even when they ‘believe’ they don’t. To take this one step further: the most limiting belief of all is to believe that beliefs make no difference to reality when in fact they make all the difference.

  • ken at FreeTGRbook.com

    Reply Reply February 24, 2010

    Having faith is a belieft is it not. People go to church must have faith in God. I gave my heart to the lord to become a christian.
    so why don’t we trust our selves ? I think we are worth living for. I started 2010 with contructive think habit and trying my best not to think destrutive. I eat in a cheerful confindence mander think contructive to produce postive conctuctive new cells. My new body is doing well.

  • Tamera Nielsen

    Reply Reply February 28, 2010

    Beautiful job, Steve! I love it! 1-2-3 steps to a better life. The world is not a scary place; how we *react* to it determines our fear. Your second point about not enough to go around is spot-on. If we can all work collectively to help one another, it would help eliminate our fears and breed camaraderie. Lastly, your final point about taking responsibility for ourselves, our lives is becoming a lost art in our entitlement-minded society. I echo much of your sentiments in my blog (inViewLLC), and I’m glad to be in your company. Bring it on! ~ Tamera

  • Steve

    Reply Reply February 28, 2010

    Hey Tamera,

    Great company attracts great minds ;)

    Thanks for sharing your view,

  • Tammi

    Reply Reply March 25, 2010

    Awesome work here Steve. This is real and truthful talk. Since 2006, I have really been in tune with my thoughts and it changed my life. I work daily to keep my thoughts on track and it is just that “work”. I am always reading positive tips and articles to keep me on the right track. Your website will now be in my favorites. Keep up the awesome work.

    Tammi in Chicago

  • Steve

    Reply Reply March 25, 2010

    Thanks Tammi,

    ….and you totally nailed it – “it is just that work,” and the most important work that we have to do….

  • John

    Reply Reply September 6, 2010

    Thanks Steve,
    The information was good but I still want to nail down just exactly what I did that night in Oct. 2008 how did I get the universe to manifest that night and why did I no follow through was it lack of faith? I believe in God I believe Jesus died for our sins but I don’t believe in religion because religion divides we are all one part of something far greater we are just now becoming conscious enough to realize it I have to deal with members of my family that think the law of attraction is evil or I will go to hell. I simply tell them we all create our own hell I going to manifest a nice one and leave it at that. I believe in the universe as a information super highway and all we have to do is except that and tune in get on the right frequency and receive unlimited wealth and happiness and show others the way.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply September 7, 2010

    Hey John,

    Manifestation is a result of your vibration. The way you feel is conscious awareness of that vibration. Your vibration is made up of many things including your beliefs, dominant thoughts and past experiences. It’s your predominant vibration that attracts all circumstances and scenarios into your life.

    Why didn’t you follow through when you know you should have?

    Not sure. Only you can answer that.

    It could have been because your doubts were holding you back or a lack of faith as you suggested. But your action is always driven by the way you feel.

    When it comes right down to it, the way you feel (or they way you were feeling in that moment) is always representative of your vibration. And your vibration is always representative of what you have been consciously thinking or not…

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