Synchronicity of Power Training Available Today – Grab My Special Bonuses Now!

See the special bonus I’m offering to those people who join Monique Gallagher’s, Synchronicity of Power Training.

Monique’s Training is a 16 week program that teaches you how to achieve your goals using your unconscious mind.  Monique does this by teaching her clients Cybernetic Transposition; a goal setting processes developed by Stuart Lichtman.

Cybernetic Transposition (CT) is taught in Stuart’s book, How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast!  I’ll be the first one to admit that these processes are difficult to learn from the book.  I failed three times before reaching my basic achievement goal.

I know these processes work, but I personally think they are much more effective when taught by someone like Monique; someone who can hold your hand throughout the goal achievement process and make sure you build on past successes to achieve greater results.

Monique’s real strength is in her intuitive ability to help others set the right goals and achieve them using Stuart’s Super Achievement Process.  She is an absolutely brilliant coach and even though we’ve only worked together for the past two months I have absolute confidence in her ability to help you set and achieve your goals.

Grab My Special Bonuses

As a special gift to those people who take action, I’m going to give you $2,294 in bonuses just for joining the Synchronicity of Power Training.

Bonus #1: Two Private Coaching Sessions – Harmonize Internal Resistance ($ 297)

When you register for the Synchronicity of Power Training I’ll provide you with two – 30 minute private coaching sessions to harmonize internal resistance.  This is a technique I’ve personally perfected that helps you identify internal resistance and clear it up.

These two sessions are a great compliment to Monique’s training because they’ll provide you with some “aha” moments before the training.  That way you’ll be well prepared and fully armed to address any nasty unconscious blockers that pop up.

Once you register for Monique’s Training, just send me a quick email and we’ll arrange our first private coaching call.

Bonus #2: The Science of Getting Rich Course ($1,997)

Like I said, I want to reward action-takers.  That’s why I’ve decided to give the first 7 people who register for Monique’s Training their very own copy of The Science of Getting Rich Course (SGR).

The SGR Course includes:

  • professional briefcase
  • seminar notes including 17 SGR Lessons
  • copy of Wallace’s original book
  • 11 physical CD’s
  • mp3 player uploaded with all the SGR lessons
  • access to a weekly Science of Getting Rich coaching call with Bob Proctor
  • multiple sources of income special bonus

Here’s a snapshot from my living room:

SGR Course

The reason I like the SGR program is because it expands on the training you’ll receive from Monique.

The Synchronicity of Power Training will help you build these reference legs so that you have greater and great experiences of yourself.  It’s like anytime you start to achieve more you really start to believe in yourself, and because of this belief you want to do more.

That’s where SGR comes in.  SGR is taught by Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield.  They’ll provide you with a deeper understanding of your role in the creative process, Universal Laws and your mental faculties.  But you can’t work with both programs at the same time, so here’s the deal.

I want to be absolutely sure that you stay focused on Monique’s Training.  The more focused you are the better your results will be.  That means working on one program at a time.

That’s why I’m going to wait until after you complete Monique’s Training to send you the SGR Course.  All you have to do is send me a quick email at the end of your 16 week Synchronicity of Power Training and I’ll deliver the Course directly to your doorstep.

Is Synchronicity of Power for you?

Monique’s training is a proven and systematic approach to help you:

  • Clearly and accurately define your goals so that all parts of your brain are on board and in agreement
  • Raise your level of income or client base by breaking through your glass ceiling (or what Monique calls your Unconscious Performance Limit)
  • Use the Genius Ideas Clearing Process to ensure all your important business and life decisions are given full consideration and get results

Synchronicity of Power Training

As I said earlier Monique’s training is based on the Cybernetic Transposition (CT) processes created by Stuart Lichtman.  To participate in her training you must have your own copy of Stuart’s book: Once you buy Stuart’s book there will be an area on Monique’s registration page where you can enter the receipt number of this book so you can register for her training.

Synchronicity of Power Training begins on September 9 but you can get Monique’s Early Registration Discount here:  Synchronicity of Power

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