5 Part Mini Course on Visualization

“For every gift you’ve opened over the years, there are hundreds that you’ve never unwrapped and taken out of the package. This unused potential hides there, just waiting to play a role in your quantum leap.” ~ Price Pritchett

Why is there unused potential?

There is unused potential because of subconscious programming. The great majority of us only work with a fraction of our potential because of this built-in programming.

Subconscious programming will limit your results because your conscious mind is saying one thing (words or a written goal) and your subconscious mind (emotions) are doing another. It’s like driving your car at full speed with the brakes on.

When you begin to align the conscious and subconscious minds with your goals, you harmonize and begin to use your full potential. You’re still applying the same pressure to the gas, but now you let go of the breaks while you drive.

Creating alignment between your conscious and subconscious mind is an important step to realizing your goals. You can create this alignment by learning how to effectively visualize.

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  • anup prajapati

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  • Am

    Reply Reply October 26, 2009

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  • Aiping Fulepp

    Reply Reply March 2, 2010

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