How to Figure Out What’s Important to You

“If you aren’t reading, studying and trying to learn more about being successful, then you don’t give a damn about being successful.”

~ Larry Winget

Do you want to know what’s important to you?  You might be surprised.  In 4 minutes and 43 seconds or less I’ll share with you how to figure out what’s important to you.

How to Figure Out What’s Important to You


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  • Leszek Cyfer

    Reply Reply March 17, 2009

    I don’t agree and at the same time I find it hard to comment this in a meaningful manner.

    There’s a word ‘MU’ in Japanese that sums it up. It means ‘neither yes nor not, ask another question’, in other words, the simplification is too great or the situation described is larger than the description. Like in a parable of three blind who met an elephant – the first touched his trunk and said ‘it’s like a snake!’, the second one touched his tail and said ‘it’s like a rope!’, the third one touched the leg and said ‘it’s like a tree!’. All of them were right and wrong at the same time – they simply didn’t see the whole picture.

    I found that the things like gossiping by the water tank are not the things that are most important to me doing it – they are rather things I do in order to not to think about the things that I have to do, but I find tiresome, unpleasant to do. The ‘ugly frogs’ that Brian Tracy described in his book “Eat the frog”.

    And yet, the ‘frogs’ are the things that are most important to do. Completing them gives a relief and an extraordinary boost in self confidence, whereas doing the other stuff dumbs, intoxicates you, wears you out and you are left with nothing and a feeling of dread.

    The more frogs you are willing to eat the more really important things you achieve. Don’t eat them and you’ll live a life of quiet desperation.

  • Steve, I’m working on figuring out my life purpose and what is important to me. This is a great insight. Thinking about it this way might bring a slightly different answer. Is this more reliable than going through exercises and forms?

  • Steve

    Reply Reply March 17, 2009

    @ Leszek

    Eating the frogs is required in order to evolve. Wattles said it best,

    “When an organism has more life than can be expressed in the functions of it’s own plane, it develops the organs of a higher plane, and a new species is originated.”

    If we all grow according to natural lines of progression, do the things we don’t want to do in order to grow bigger than our environment, we will evolve. That means we’ll move out of your current position in our job and into a greater role, we’ll leave our job for a new business or we’ll expand our capacity for more contribution in our current business. If we’re taking action effectively, you can’t help but grow bigger than your current place.

    @ Stephen

    My intention with this audio was to really wake people up! To see what people “label” as important in their life by becoming aware of where they put their energy and attention, consciously or not.

    As for life purpose, my audio book The Genius Within YOU has some great questions for digging deeper into life purpose.

  • Power memory

    Reply Reply June 18, 2013

    Everyone needs a chief purpose in life or else his or her existence seems dull and meaningless. Humans are goal striving organisms and if we don’t move towards a worthy goal we fall backwards.

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