Are you Modeling a Proven Winner?

I think this idea of modeling is such a powerful, yet simple way to accelerate you towards your goals. If you’re very clear on what you want, then finding someone who is already doing it successfully is a critical next step.

Why? Well, put it this way. I’ve tried blogging on my own for over a year. Yes, it was a great experience but I still wasn’t producing the sort of results I wanted. Deep down I knew I was capable of greater things but it wasn’t happening. Once I began to model a few select leaders in my field, I quickly picked up the pace and began to produce some results that have helped me build my mailing list and increase traffic to this site.

But it wasn’t always this way. For some reason I wanted to do everything myself. I didn’t want to ask others for help because I thought that this might come across as a sign of a weakness. I thought if I asked others for help they might judge me instead of helping me. I thought they might reject me.

These limiting beliefs held me back for a very long time. Over the summer I got a wake up call and it proved to be my turning point. In this week’s video post I share my story. Enjoy!

Model a proven winner and you will always cut down on your time investment. You’ll cut down on trial and error and you’ll inevitably reach your goals much faster. What do you think?

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