7 Ways to Create the Abundance Mindset

These days it seems that most people are focused on what they don’t have. There is this mindset and emphasis on not having enough or “not enoughness”. I know it’s crazy. Why would you want to be stuck in a lake of lack? If you want to develop the abundance mindset, you’ve got to send the right signals – you’ve got to be giving. Giving signals to the Universe that you have more than enough. Give away what you don’t have and you’ll create the abundance mindset.

Here are 7 ways to create the abundance mindset:

1. Short on Cash? Give it away. Yes, you heard me right. I’m not saying you should sell the farm, far from it. But you may consider giving some money to a charity, giving money to a friend who needs cash, or even giving money to a panhandler in the street. If there is one principle that highly aware human beings understand, it’s this: You give away and share everything you have because you understand that you are a creative being, meaning you can create anything you want.

2. Are you short on time? Then, give away your time. Take time to give to others. You don’t have to dedicate 90% of your day to serving others – that’s not what I’m saying. Just find that balance between giving and receiving. Find an organization or a person that you really love and volunteer for them. Give away your time for free! Just take some of your time and place your attention on contributing to others.

3. Short on Food? Give it away. This is such a good one. I’m always craving food because I love eating. If you want more food, then give some away. This is so easy to do. You could buy your friend dinner, or just share a snack with someone you know. You could cook for your family or invite your friends over for dinner.

4. Don’t feel loved? You’ve got to give away some before you get some. Give away some hugs. Go out right now and give 5 people you know a big hug. I guarantee right after you do this, you’ll feel great. You’ll feel like a million bucks! Why? Because you feel loved. And you can only feel loved if you give that love to others. Go out right now and start hugging :)

5. Want help with something? Help others first. Think of someone you know that is having a problem. And think of a way that you could help them out. Write down what you plan to do to help this person and then go out and do it. I’m telling you this works! Remember, you reap what you sow. When you help others whole-heartedly, help will always come back for you.

6. Lacking faith or self-belief? Yup, you know it. You’ve got to give it away! If you lack faith in your ability to create money, to build a business and be successful, you’ve got to give this faith away. Find someone you know who is lacking in self-confidence or self-belief and give them a boost.

Spend some time with this person and feed their mind good thoughts. Tell them how much you believe in what they’re doing. Tell them how successful they are going to be; how you always knew they could make it. Tell them how proud you are of them. Feed their brain with positive thoughts and this will create that self-belief. Reassure this person that they are going to be very successful. Instill this confidence in them. Your faith in others will always come back and provide faith for you. Share your faith in others and faith will come to you.

7. Short on creative ideas? This is my favorite. If you’re short on creative ideas, give them away! Give others creative ways to increase the growth of their business. Give away ideas to help someone create a form of passive income. Don’t hoard everything for yourself – share your ideas as they come to you.

Give whatever you’ve got. If all you know is electricity, then give away your ideas to help others. Maybe you know a safe way to change a light fixture or a simple way to save money in your home. Maybe you’ve got some knowledge on solar power that will help your neighbor out. Just give away your ideas on how to do that. Get known as being a person with good ideas. And you do that by giving them away. Give away your ideas and ideas will always abundantly return to you.

Remember if you focus on lack and limitation then that’s what you will continue to get. The only way to create the abundance mindset is by giving what you have from where you are.

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  • money attraction

    Reply Reply November 24, 2008

    It is the same with another great law: the law of prosperity. anything we want to get, we shall first give it.

    haha, short on cash and short on time are two great topics which many people will be interested in.

  • I love it! This is a GREAT way to create an abundance mindset. Especially like # 5 and 6 pretty easy to do and really makes a difference in people’s lives. Thanks for the great reminder! Tia

  • Steve

    Reply Reply December 5, 2008

    Your welcome Tia and thanks for stopping in ;)

  • Rhiannon

    Reply Reply May 9, 2011

    What a great article! Thank you so much! I really appreciate this website! Thank you so much! Blessings to you, Steve! This stuff really helps! Thank you.

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