Real Estate & Passive Income

I have a short post this week. Well short compared to previous posts.  Since I’m putting a lot of energy into my seminar this week, I thought I would just give you some bits of information to digest.  Last week I was reading a post regarding real esate properties and it got me thinking.  The post was created by Brian Lee.  It’s called, Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High: Book Review.  It’s a relatively good read.  It runs through a passive income strategy for real estate.

It’s no secret that the majority of millionaires have made their wealth and riches by investing in real estate.  I’ve done a little of my own research to suggest that a rental property is a great way to earn passive income and contribute to your own personal growth.

Why Passive Income

Just think about it for a minute.  What is the purpose of money anyways?  If you had all the money you needed in the world, what would you do?  What would you really do?  What dream would you fulfill?  That is the ultimate purpose of money; that is to give you the freedom to a life of your design.  It gives you the freedom to live your dreams and to express your natural talents and gifts.  So by having more money you will ultimatley be expressing more of your true self and contributing on a massive scale to others.

An excellent way to provide your freedom is to look at passive income with investment properties.

I’ve just finished reading ‘The Road To Wealth’ by Robert Allen, which is a great read.  The reason it’s a great read is because it shows you step by step how to acquire new investment properties.  If you want to get a free copy of ‘The Road To Wealth’ then you need to purchase a copy of Robert Allen’s, ‘Multiple Streams of Income’.  When you buy ‘Multiple Streams of Income’ there is a toll free phone number provide with the book that you can call to get your free copy of ‘The Road To Wealth’.  The only catch is that you have to pay for the shipping cost of the free book. This worked out to $7 CAN for me. I’d say it’s a rather nice deal for anyone looking to further their education in investment properties and passive income.


  • Andrea

    Reply Reply August 7, 2007

    As per usual, excellent!

    How are things going with your new home? I may have a tenant for you. I will forward them this email to contact you directly.
    I hope to see you guys soon. Please say hi to Trish

    take care,


  • Steve

    Reply Reply August 7, 2007

    thanks Andrea – great to hear from you!

    things are coming along. The biggest uncomfort zone that we’ve had to overcome is eliminating the wasps nests. Sides that, we’re just starting to get settled. Talk soon,


  • Daniel

    Reply Reply September 2, 2007

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article ve Income, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  • Duncan

    Reply Reply September 23, 2007

    Hey Steve!

    Sounds like your having some success so far in terms of the real estate market. Did you know that that apartment and furthermore your house is on the street which I live on? Anyways, I wanted to thank you because a lot of the strategies that you have mentioned in previous blogs have helped a lot in achieving my goal of getting into a good university, which is why I’m at McGill today. Hope your new home is getting along well. Why did you choose to move to Homelands? TTYL,


  • Steve

    Reply Reply September 23, 2007

    Duncan – great to hear from you.

    I know it’s so crazy that we ended up on Barcella, crazy lucky that is. The neighbourhood is great and our house has everything that we want, from an open kitchen/dining from, to a nice little patio in the backyard to the basement apt. It’s perfect! Every time I think of it, I realize how fortunate we are to be living in the house that we wanted.

    Congratulations on getting into McGill. I have a friend who just graduated from McGill with his PHD… Montreal is a phenomenal city. Best of luck!


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