Coaching Testimonials

Here is what others have said about my coaching:

Business Coaching


“Over the last week I’ve had an unusual amount of orders for my MLM business, and have decided to step up my retail as part of the plan to achieve my target. I think what has happened is that with your help I’ve let go of a major block regarding my business. So although my coaching business is not bringing anything in yet, the fact that I’m working towards something I really feel passionate about has helped me let go’ of needing to do well with the MLM business. I’m enormously grateful to you for your help with this shift!”

~ Susan Barnes, Entrepreneur, United Kingdom

Life Coaching

I have been working with Steve for a month and started to see results almost right away! Steve exhibits professionalism in every step of the process. He listens well and customizes my program according to my needs and wants. I am excited about the opportunities that are already showing up and looking forward to my new life style. Thank you, Steve!”

~ Belle Badell, Dance Instructor, Dance Fitness Professional, United States

“Over the last 3 months Steve has taken such a stand for me and my life, even when I was not open to be coached in the beginning. He has taught me that it is never too late to take on your life and not to give up on someone because people do have the ability to change. I hope we remain friends long after the confines of this course.”

~ Bryan McMahon, Entrepreneur, Canada

“I would like to thank Steve for being my coach during my self development process. So far Steve has been great and his knowledge and input has helped me a lot. Every time I needed coaching he was there and he played an important role by helping me see the bright side of the picture. I can only say that I am privileged to know him. Thanks Steve!”

~ Adrian Constantinescu, Mechanical Engineer, Canada

Steve, Thanks again for all your help! I feel like a different person!”

~ Sabrina Furman, Aspiring Coach, United States

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