Learn the 3 stages to goal achievement…

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  • Barb

    Reply Reply November 9, 2010

    Hey Steve:

    This video is really good! Congrats!

    Barb Haskell

  • omid

    Reply Reply November 10, 2010


  • denis

    Reply Reply November 11, 2010

    Steve hi,

    I really like the novel way in which you structure your thinking and how in turn this leads to a fresh way of viewing the world.

    Your approach to outcomes (being beyond our direct control) and a gift from the universe is a particularly useful concept that differentiates goals (and making manifest) from mere wish fulfilment.

    I have always considered three elements to a goal:
    – to focus an outcome that the person wants to make manifest
    – to set the direction and path that leads to that outcome
    – to create a learning journey that will illuminates the way

    By viewing the outcome as a gift from the universe, this also sheds light on the learning journey. Outcomes may not necessarily manifest exactly as planned or imagined. However, being able to recognise an outcome in the form that it manifests is a crucial part of the learning journey.

    Thank you again for an excellent lesson and for the quality of your thinking.

    Kind regards,

  • Steve

    Reply Reply November 11, 2010

    Hey Denis,

    It’s a pleasure to be in good company ;)

  • Syed Irfan Ahmed

    Reply Reply February 7, 2011

    I just watched video in detail and noted important points. Excellent job, Steve. I really appreciate you and will publish these points with your name after translating in Urdu in Monthly Kamayby Diges, first and only MindScience and Personal Growth magazine in Pakistan.

  • jaynice

    Reply Reply October 8, 2011

    I really appreciate all your presentations Steve, and i feel so much better, like i can come out of my shell and really Be all that is in me, and stop this focusing on trying to be small all the time, mostly because it is so unrewarding to me.

    I really apprecieate what you advise because it allows me to expand and open and trust in The Universe over and above all, it has made me unafraid of what other people are saying or thinking, it gives me my freedom back
    from Jaynice

  • Steve

    Reply Reply October 9, 2011

    Hey Jaynice …getting caught up with what other people are saying or thinking can create a struggle… glad your opening up and playing a bigger game… Game on :)

  • Judith

    Reply Reply October 11, 2011

    Thanks, Steve! I would love to see an article/blogpost about what good seeding is all about. If you are not focusing on the outcome, what should you be focusing on? Judith

  • Steve

    Reply Reply October 11, 2011

    Hey Judith… as I said in the video, you should be focusing your attention on action and implementation… and the let the Universe take care of the rest. You move towards your goals and your goals move towards you.

  • Lillian Rushton

    Reply Reply November 6, 2011

    I really enjoyed this presentation and felt inspired to take time to make seeding and motion work better for me in future.You have set my creative juices flowing now.
    thank you.

  • Steve

    Reply Reply February 18, 2012

    You are welcome Lillian!!

  • Biba

    Reply Reply March 8, 2012

    Hey Steve.. Thank you so much for your videos and especially for this one !!!! It is excellent !!!I feel inspired and very motivated .But I hope I won’t lose this energy day by day as it always happens to me .

    Thank you again for your excellent job !!!!!

  • Steve

    Reply Reply March 8, 2012

    Love it Biba! My pleasure :)

  • Magali

    Reply Reply March 26, 2012

    Hey Steve ! i really appreciated this video, however i have a remaining question. For example, if i wanted to lose some weight as my goal, should i be visualizing my ‘new body'(therefore, my outcome)? OR should i visualize myself taking action by working out and eating healthy? i’ve heard in the movie of the Secret that you need to imagine what you want as if you already have it, that is why i got a little confused.

  • Sue

    Reply Reply October 28, 2012

    Hi Steve, wonderful, wonderful stuff!

    I have been learning to do this for about a year now and its truely amazing what happens, suddenly you think, Oh! here is was I asked for from the universe, I just seeded and put in motion, at some point u notice there is the outcome! What a joy.

    Love your videos, Sue

  • Daphne

    Reply Reply November 6, 2012

    Hi Steve,
    Love your emails and videos!

    When looking for a new job I am telling myself I am temporarily unemployed. My seedings are focusing on a couple positions that I would really excel in and them my motion is to apply for those positions. I have actually hired a professional to help me become more polished and advertise myself to land the better position. Is there anything else that I should be doing?
    Thanks so much!

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