Setting Deep Intentions: A Guide to Manifesting Your Desires

Setting Deep Intentions: A Guide to Manifesting Your Desires.

Learn how to manifest your desires by setting deep intentions. In this video, we’ll guide you through the process of setting powerful intentions that align with your goals and help you manifest the life you desire. Whether it’s a career, relationship, or personal development, you have the power to make it happen by setting deep intentions.

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7 Day Manifestation Experiment – How You Can Create the Life of Your Dreams.

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Here’s the book outline:

Chapter No.1 What Super Nintendo Taught Me About Manifesting
Chapter No.2 Everything is Energy
Chapter No.3 Manifesting, Where to Start?
Chapter No.4 Using Intentions to Shift Your Life
Chapter No.5 When Manifesting Doesn’t Work
Chapter No.6 Allow Things to Come to You
Chapter No.7 Acknowledge Yourself as the Creator
Chapter No.8 The New Human

I hope you enjoy the book :)


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