Clarifying Your Life Direction and Getting Help From Your Guides

In today’s update I talk about shedding your “identity” and how it can be a distraction preventing you from seeing the information that could help you realize your destiny and higher purpose.

Shedding our old beliefs and identify can also help us get clear about where you could be going over the next year so that you have new information, a new reality and new circumstances showing up without having to struggle or experience frustration. You have a lot of support right now during this time.

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++ Client Testimonial ++

“I am speechless. I’ve been doing therapy for so long, I didn’t think this was ever going to shift. But when we did the energy clearing work, I saw my past experiences completely differently, and I felt this level of freedom I didn’t know I was going to feel.” ~ Lauren Tucker

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7 Day Manifestation Experiment – How You Can Create the Life of Your Dreams.

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Here’s the book outline:

Chapter No.1 What Super Nintendo Taught Me About Manifesting
Chapter No.2 Everything is Energy
Chapter No.3 Manifesting, Where to Start?
Chapter No.4 Using Intentions to Shift Your Life
Chapter No.5 When Manifesting Doesn’t Work
Chapter No.6 Allow Things to Come to You
Chapter No.7 Acknowledge Yourself as the Creator
Chapter No.8 The New Human

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Clarifying Your Life Direction and Getting Help From Your Guides | Steve Martile

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