Manifest Your Desires with UNN – 7 Part Series

Back in March I partnered with UNN (the United News Network) to record a video series called Manifest Your Desires.

This 7 part series is based on my book – the 7 Day Manifestation Experiment – but also expands on these concepts with Q&A from members of the UNN Network.

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Here are some highlights from Episode #5:

  • What prevents the manifestation of your outcome (1:35)
  • You’re picking up on the vibration (5:42)
  • You chose to come here (14:14)
  • You can only project things that you believe in (14:55)
  • You’re an extension of God (22:12)

To see the rest of the topics covered in the full series, go here:

I hope you enjoy the series!

Much love,


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