Where Do Negative Emotions Come From?

The main reason we experience so much discomfort from negative emotions is because we are the ones keeping these emotions alive in our bodies. We are giving them power by what we believe.

The more that I’ve worked with clients, the more I’ve come to realize that all emotions come from our definitions and ideas of what we believe to be true. Our beliefs create our feelings, which then create our experiences and the stories we tell ourselves.

Whatever feelings you are having right now are a result of certain ideas you believe and hold in your mind. You would not feel the way you do if you didn’t believe what you do.

Your beliefs are key. When you get really clear on what it is you believe, and you realize that it doesn’t really make sense, then you’ll drop it. And when you drop the belief, it’s gone. And now you can move on with your life with a new experience.

What’s interesting is that our entire lives, we’re going around listening to the people around us and believing what other people are telling us. We did it when we were young. We did it when we were small because our teachers, our parents, we believed them. And some of those beliefs were limiting our potential.

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