Follow Your Highest Excitement, Part 3

Right now we’re in a moment in time where people generally on this planet are starting to evolve to a point where their intuition is *knocking on the door* and your higher self is saying, “here’s an opportunity. All you have to do is act!”

And you know what some people are doing with that opportunity?

NOTHING. They’re not acting. They’re just letting it past them by.

Why would they do that?

Because they don’t trust the idea of following their excitement. But you always trust in something! IN this case, you TRUST more in the information of the past… meaning, well I can’t leave my job or start this new business because that didn’t work out for my cousin Vinny and what if doesn’t work for me. It’s too risky.

The idea of following your excitement is a risky one, which basically tells me that you TRUST more in the information of the past than you do in the information (and excitement) you feel in the moment!

Then you’re higher self responds by saying… “Well, I tried. If you’re not going to act on the opportunities I give you, then I’m not going to give you any more opportunities.”

And that’s how the mechanism works. Because you trust more in the information of your past, you have put yourself in this PRISON that is self-created and unfortunately leads to a disempowering way of being. If you don’t act on your excitement, it’s all for none.

Your higher self CAN’T give you more opportunities because you WON’T let it.

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Follow Your Highest Excitement, Part 3

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