What is the Purpose of Life?

In a nutshell… you came here to transcend the limitations of your physical 3D reality.

But it’s more than that.

You see the contrast you experience in lack and limitation is the catalyst to fuel your desire to experience being more connected and having more abundance.

Each time you experience limitation or separation in your life in some way through limited finances, feeling lonely or just having challenges in your life…

That experience immediately launches an intention OR a desire to seek abundance, connection and intimacy and to feel empowered.

That’s how the mechanism works. Lack “sparks” the desire for abundance.

Now it doesn’t mean you HAVE to experience lack to desire more abundance…

The degree of lack you need to experience to trigger a desire for abundance really depends on the agreements your Soul made before you came here to this planet.

It depends on your preferences…

But the idea is that you came here to experience both aspects: lack and abundance… feeling separate and feeling connected… limitation and endless possibilities.

That was the choice you made freely and why you came here…

Because by having the experience of limitation… for some of you… it was very appealing.

Why would I say that?

Because you decided to make a game of it… by transcending physical limitation just for the FUN of it… as an example to show others how they could do it too.

More in my latest update.

Much love,


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