Balancing the Energy of the Body with Andrea Rice

I was featured on The @ourdaydream Show with Andrea Rice and we had a fabulous conversation. You can learn more about Andrea here:

In this very special interview, I do a deep dive into my life story and how I made my transition from Engineer to Life Coach including:

> Self-help books I started reading in 2005.
> 3-Day Weekend that literally changed my life.
> How I went from being a chicken-shit back in 2006 with low self-confidence to getting a hold of the idea to quit my job in 2009.
> The difference between “giving up” and “letting go.”

I also talk about how to find work that makes you happy, the reason I believe Jesus came here on Earth, the mechanics of the body, how to balance the energy in the body and create the live you really want.

I hope you enjoy our conversation,


++ Client Testimonial ++

“I am speechless. I’ve been doing therapy for so long, I didn’t think this was ever going to shift. But when we did the energy clearing work, I saw my past experiences completely differently, and I felt this level of freedom I didn’t know I was going to feel.” ~ Lauren Tucker

If you’d like to Clear Your Energy Blocks, you can book a call with me here:

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Balancing the Energy of the Body

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