Fear of Money

If I was to give you $100,000 wired to your bank account right now, how would you feel?

Some will say, “Money has always been so scary for me.”

The reason I ask this question is because if you feel anxiety or fear when receiving more money, then you will PUSH it away.


Because you don’t want to feel the fear. You want to feel SAFE.

So anything that triggers fear, we remove it from our life. In this case, that would be more money.

When you have two competing emotions in the context of RECEIVING MONEY, the fear will usually win. Not always, but most of the time.

Which means that the key then to an overflow of MONEY abundance that never runs dry is to either change your association with how you RECEIVE MONEY or release the fear.

It’s your choice.

Choose well.

I hope you enjoy this update,


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