What to Do When You Get Triggered?

What to Do When You Get Triggered?

Sometimes we receive information from the outside world that creates an internal disturbance. You might see someone who looks like your ex, and all of a sudden your world shifts. You start to sweat and get a little nervous, and even talk to yourself about them… “I haven’t seen Tommy in 5 years…. what am I going to say to him?”

Then as you keep walking by this person, you realize it’s not Tommy. It was just someone who looks like Tommy, but the event still triggered an internal disturbance, and those old feelings for Tommy came flooding back.

Sometimes these disturbances are a catalyst for positive feelings and other times they trigger negative feelings. They key is to understand that when you are triggered by one of these disturbances, it takes you (Your Soul) out of the drivers seat and gives your body (the unconscious mind) full control of how you react and what happens next.

As you become more aware of your body when a disturbance is triggered, you begin to bring power back to your soul, who is the Observer to those events and feelings. Observing is in fact the way that you can bring yourself back into a state of heart coherence so that you can begin to experience more joy and ease in your life.

As your energy shifts from this new awareness, so does your perception because it’s your energetic state that generates the perception that allows you to see the possibilities. That’s when life gets really good. Watch my full update above. I hope this serves you,


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