What Blocks Our Life Force?

Life force is the potential energy we hold as a human being. Sometimes that energy is high when we are around people that uplift and empower us. However, sometimes our energy drops because the people we associate with bring us down. This life force swings up and down based on what is happening around us.

The problem we humans have is that we block our life force and diminish our quality of life unconsciously.

Here’s How We Do It:

As an example, let’s say we receive some bad news, or someone close to us passes away. Because we don’t want to feel the anger and grief associated with that loss, we push down those emotions. When we resist these emotions (by pushing them down) we keep the memory (information) alive in our bodies. The information gets stored as a memory in our body with emotion. The next time we get triggered by a similar feeling of grief or loss, we will recall the memory (and pain) from that experience.

Because our normal reaction is to close the heart so that we don’t feel the pain, we get numb and feel less alive. The more we close the heart, the less alive we feel because as we close our hearts, we cut off our life force. It’s an endless cycle. The biggest issue is that we are doing this to ourselves unconsciously. And to top things off, the emotion + information we store (as memories) from these traumatic experiences also changes our worldview and limits what we believe is possible.

Life shouldn’t be that way. It’s time we learned how to release self-sabotaging patterns, and emotional barriers so that we fulfill our full potential.


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