New Human Ascension Process

Ascending as the New Human is not about feats of strength or how hard you work at something to be great. Ascending is really about getting in touch with the subtle invisible world that is behind the creation of physical 3D reality. But getting there is not easy.

In order to evolve and ascend as the new human, you must release your grip on fear, anxiety or past traumas that have held you in the past. The faster you can let go of stored emotions, the faster you will ascend. Once you do, you have a one-way ticket into the unknown, where the real magic of life starts to show up.

The problem with the unknown is that it brings uncertainty, and most people fear uncertainty because they fear being in the unknown. Most folks want to be comfortable, which is why they hold on so tightly to their past. If you are committed to your spiritual growth, then venturing into the unknown is where you will finally receive real freedom. Not only that, it’s also where your spirit comes alive.

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