Publish a Book in 90 Days or Less

I am just about to publish my first business book in less than 90 days…

Without any long, tedious writing sessions in front of the computer.

In fact, with very little writing at all!

My book will be published on Amazon later this month.

I’ve got 3 Italians who have already asked me to translate the book!

So excited for this product to have finally come to life… and it not taking 12 months or longer to create a great product!

The quality of the book is beyond any blog post or video I have posted on social media over the past 14 years.

Writing a book can help you:

– Establish a new level of credibility.
– Get on New stages for speaking.
– Raise your consulting or coaching fees.
– Increase the awareness of your product or service.
– Gain access to a new audience.

And do all of this without a lot of writing :-)

Listen to this short MP3 to hear how I did it.



60 Minute Book Publishing Consult

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