Energy Reset for June 2022

We are in an interesting time of year, and I have picked up on two themes that are going to be very disruptive for humanity in this month of June.

Theme #1: Plans you once had are coming to a stop. An old path is coming to an end abruptly this month, and because of that – a new path is emerging that will serve you to a greater degree. The struggle for many will be to keep pursuing the plans they had, even though they no longer serve you.

Theme #2: the energy of “trying to make it happen” will be your achilles heal this month. If you try to “hold on” or *force* yourself to take action because that is what you believe you must do, it will be more disruptive than helpful for you this month. As part of this update for June I’m going to share a tool you can use to help you navigate this energy and “let go” of the old path so that you have a smooth transition to the new path that is emerging for you.

I hope this serves you,


ps. 8 Minute Meditation:

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